Justin Bieber Quotes og Sayings

1.There?s gonna be times in your life when people say you can?t do something. And there?s gonna be times in your life when people say that you can?t live your dreams. This is what I tell them: Never say never!? (skjer med skrifta???)

2.?I have crushes, but they?re all too old. Like Beyonce -she has a husband, I might get shot. I went up to give Beyonce a hug at the Grammy?s and Jay-Z said, watch out buddy! He was kidding, but you know?? (aner ikke hva det er med skrifta!!)

3.?I?m telling you, people. Everyday we wake up is another blessing. Follow your dreams and don?t let anyone stop you. Never say never.?

Hva sier dere til ca. tre slike hver dag??

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- Julie